Shaping Dreams into Reality
Building Harmony between People and Technology

Since our company’s establishment, we have been providing a number of related machines with our accumulated technological and developmental capabilities, focusing on the manufacture of streamlined machines for plywood production, and we are proud of our high performance. However, with today’s rapidly changing technological innovations, rapidly advancing mechanical and electronic technologies, and diversifying user needs, it has become an important factor to develop applied technologies and follow-up services that can respond to these needs. We will continue to strive for what is required today and what we can provide under the theme of “dreams come true,” including environmental conservation. As long as there are demands of the times, we will continue to challenge unknown fields and promote unique business development.


We have built customer satisfaction and trust through the development of wood processing equipment, automobile production equipment, and other products using a wealth of ideas and advanced technology.
We will continue to contribute to our customers' development as we evolve further by harmonizing all aspects of corporate and human resource development.


Joint production

Mechanical designers are in charge of designing the shapes of the machines needed to fulfill their objectives, and electrical designers are in charge of designing how to control and operate the machines.
At our company, both of them work on the same floor, designing the most efficient and safest production equipment using CAD and expressing their own ideas. For example, the mechanical and electrical designers can casually discuss issues such as "this line speed could be increased a little more efficiently, but the shape of this part needs to be changed to control it better," enabling them to design even better equipment.
By establishing new technology that can give shape to ideas, in addition to the technology and know-how accumulated to date, new equipment with new value can be developed.


multi-talented person

We can improve the efficiency of our business by developing multi-skilled workers, people with multiple skills in one person.
If your specialty is design, we believe that having a lot of knowledge allows you to design better.
For example, our designers have acquired the skills and knowledge to be able to be present at the customer's site for installation at the time of delivery.
In the past, electrical wiring was outsourced, which was costly, but since we started aiming to develop multi-skilled workers, our designers are now able to give instructions directly to the workers, which has helped to reduce costs.
We will continue to promote education that will not only improve skills in specialized fields, but also enable workers to acquire skills and knowledge in an even broader range of fields.


Environmental Considerations

Currently, the Automobile Production Equipment Division is working on automated transfer equipment for motors, which are at the heart of hybrid cars, as they are becoming the mainstream of development. In the building materials production equipment division, we are developing processing equipment and conveying equipment that can utilize domestic lumber to contribute to the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions and to produce building materials without relying on imported lumber.
In the future, we believe that we must develop new ideas for products, such as equipment that improves the production capacity of manufacturers and equipment that contributes to environmental measures, such as carbon dioxide reduction, and ultimately to society.