Company HistoryHISTORY

  • 1946y (日本語) 昭和21年

    Hashimoto Denki Shokai founded

  • 1954y (日本語) 昭和29年

    Established Hashimoto Denki Co., Ltd.

  • 1961y (日本語) 昭和36年

    Veneer Reeling System Won Japan National Invention Award

  • 1964y (日本語) 昭和39年

    Head office and factory relocated to current location.

  • 1971y (日本語) 昭和46年

    Awarded for technical development of plywood machinery by Japanese government.

  • 1974y (日本語) 昭和49年

    Clutchbrake and Floor lifter Division Established as Kyoei Industry Corporation.

  • 1976y (日本語) 昭和51年

    Suction Veneer Stacker Won Japan National Invention Award

  • 1977y (日本語) 昭和52年

    String System Receives Award
    Arisun Veneer Clipper won the invention award.

  • 1978y (日本語) 昭和53年

    VW-type Veneer Welder Developed

  • 1979y (日本語) 昭和54年

    Developed veneer direct clipping and stacking systems

  • 1980y (日本語) 昭和55年

    Second president Tadashi Aizawa receives the Medal with Yellow Ribbon
    Developed the Auto Veneer Reeling system

  • 1987y (日本語) 昭和62年

    Developed LVL and LVB continuous production system

  • 1988y (日本語) 昭和63年

    Developed ALU type layup system

  • 1989y (日本語) 平成元年

    Developed instrument panel deburring

  • 1990y (日本語) 平成2年

    Developed instrument panel screw tightening robot system

  • 1991y (日本語) 平成3年

    VWH-type veneer welder receives a prestigious technical excellence award.

  • 1993y (日本語) 平成5年

    Developed PCS-type panelcoater

  • 1997y (日本語) 平成9年

    Developed SJ-type scarf jointer and
    Domestic wood LVL production system

  • 1998y (日本語) 平成10年

    Developed cardboard palletizing system

  • 2000y (日本語) 平成12年

    Developed batch-type structural LVL production system

  • 2002y (日本語) 平成14年

    Developed SSS type suction stacker
    Developed Battery Packing Line
    Plywood Machinery Division Established as Uroko Machinery Corporation.

  • 2003y (日本語) 平成15年

    MSS type image processing system received the Technical Excellence Award.

  • 2004y (日本語) 平成16年

    Developed motor winding line for hybrid systems

  • 2005y (日本語) 平成17年

    VWS-type Veneer Welder Receives CE Marking
    Developed Hybrid Car Winding Line Automatic Conveyor System

  • 2006y (日本語) 平成18年

    Developed a simple material handling loader
    Developed automatic stator core inspection system for hybrid vehicles

  • 2007y (日本語) 平成19年

    Eco Jointer Develops Stick-on Veneer Feeder
    Eco-Jointer Receives Technical Excellence Award

  • 2008y (日本語) 平成20年

    Developed low-thrust material handling system

  • 2009y (日本語) 平成21年

    Development of High-Speed Veneer Welder
    High-Speed Veneer Welder Receives Technical Excellence Award

  • 2010y (日本語) 平成22年

    Developed optical communication gantry loader

  • 2011y (日本語) 平成23年

    Veneer plant project in Far East Russia started

  • 2012y (日本語) 平成24年

    Developed high-speed veneer peeling and processing line

  • 2013y (日本語) 平成25年

    Developed SS type super scanner plate surface inspection system
    Hashimoto Denki USA Inc. established in Texas, U.S.A.

  • 2014y (日本語) 平成26年

    Mr. Junichiro Hashimoto assigned as a President in 4th generation president of Hashimoto Denki.
    Plywood panel putty coating machine for Japanese domestic softwood was developed.

  • 2015y (日本語) 平成27年

    Development of Veneer Cutting and Processing Line for Domestic Softwood Non-Structural Plywood

  • 2016y (日本語) 平成28年

    Developed digital high-frequency moisture content meter

  • 2017y (日本語) 平成29年

    VWU-type Veneer Welder Receives Award for Technical Excellence
    Developed its own industrial robot
    Exhibits at IREX2017 International Robot Exhibition

  • 2018y (日本語) 平成30年

    European side of Russian Plywood Project Started

  • 2019y (日本語) 平成31年

    Veneer AI Surface Inspection System Receives Technical Excellence Award
    Pick Worker + Traveling SCARA Robot to be Exhibited at MECHATRONICS TECH JAPAN 2019