How Plywood is Made
  • 1Debarking and Cutting Logs
  • 2Veneer Peeling and Veneer Stacking
  • 3Veneer Drying and Clipping
  • 4Veneer Preparing (grading, repairing and pairing)
  • 5Glue Application
  • 6Cold Press
  • 7Hot Press
  • 8Plywood Panel Sizing
  • 9Sanding
  • 10Inspection

A plywood production line that produces high value-added products with automated machine.

  • Plywood prod. equipment

    Putty-coater for plywood.

    Automatic full-surface putty application system, Panelcoater, Model: PCS
    It applies the putty to entire surface of the plywood panel.

  • Plywood prod. equipment

    Panel stacker

    Go-back system automatic plywood stacker, Model: GBSN, GBSNC
    Stable stacking is possible from thin to thick plywood.
    It is adopted AC servo motorized synchronizing system to hold a plywood from the bottom by a holding bar stacking mechanism.

  • Plywood prod. equipment

    Shipping mark painting robot

    Fully automated for the shipping mark painting process.
    The finishing work operation will be completed in a series of steps from product sorting up to loading for shipping automatically.