Building harmony between people and technology

Hashimoto denki proposes total planning for the entire factory.
We plan, draft, design, and construct factory automation systems that are more efficient.
We review the entire work flow, more efficient arrangement of industrial equipment, and each individual operation, and provide the best equipment for our customers.
We are highly regarded and trusted both in Japan and abroad for emphasis on safety.

Give shape to your dreams

We will "give shape to users' dreams" by Automation, improving performance, and reducing costs.
We promote automation of simple tasks and automatic processing equipment such as cutting machines, packaging machines, robots, etc., using technology to detect defects in thickness, shape, color, material, etc., using various sensors such as vision and weight.

Our BusinessOur Business

  • Plywood prod. equipment

    As the issue of global warming is being taken up, the effective use of domestic wood is required from the viewpoint of reducing carbon dioxide.
    We are actively working on the development of original equipment that reads market needs.

  • Automobile prod. equipment

    The automobile production equipment division accounts for about one-third of our business.
    We supply production equipment to major domestic manufacturers including Toyota Motor Corporation.
    Mechanical designers and electrical control designers work together to design based on the ideas of engineers, and to consistently provide all processes from manufacturing to construction, so it is possible to respond quickly to issues and new requests.

  • Production equipment for each field

    We provide production equipment for various fields such as plasterboard, cardboard, and steel.
    The production equipment required by various industries has a wide variety of environments and conditions, and it is necessary to provide equipment that matches these conditions.
    If you are thinking of producing new products, please contact us. We propose and provide equipment that satisfies our customers.

Flow of equipment installationINTRODUCE FLOW


We will fully listen to your needs and create a conceptual design based on the data and budget you provide.

Design & Production

Based on the master plan, we undertake mechanical and electrical design using a CAD system. By undertaking the entire process from design to manufacturing, we are able to quickly respond to any changes.

Delivery, operation and after-sales service

Our professional engineers will take full responsibility for the installation, from delivery and installation to the installation site to handling repairs.